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Besides football – the king of all sports, today many countries love basketball. Not only in the US, the trend of playing basketball has also spread to all over the world. Compared to football, basketball has quite complicated rules for players as well as spectators. Let’s join jlbet to learn about the rules of the game as well as  basic basketball terms.

Rules of the game and basic basketball terminology

Rules of the game and basic basketball terminology 2023

If you say football is the King sport, then consider basketball as the Queen. Although it was born long after football, the attraction of this sport is still very strong, and is not inferior to football. And it can be seen that basketball today is also associated with many fashion brands.

Not only transmitting energy, but also transmitting sports spirit to people around the world. So are the rules of basketball difficult? And why does basketball attract so many followers? To answer all of the above questions, let’s learn about the rules of basketball.

Basic basketball rules 2023

Number of players rule: each team can play with 5 people. And the total number of players on the field, including substitutes and captains, does not exceed 12 people.

Dress code: one-color uniform, tank top, sleeves no longer than elbow.

Game time: a total of 40 minutes of play will be on the game clock. With 4 halves and 2 quarters. The playing time for each half is 10 minutes – 2 minutes at half time. And the break between 2 quarters is 15 minutes, and 5 minutes if there is extra time.

How to calculate points in basketball: basketball will be counted from 1 to a maximum of 3 points depending on the player’s scoring position. And besides, when a player scores an own goal, it counts as 2 points.

Passing rule: only with basketball, players will not be allowed to hold the ball for too long. And depending on the situation, that player can keep the ball for how many seconds such as: rule 3s, rule 5s, rule 8s and rule 24s…

And above are the basic rules of basketball that players or spectators need to know when watching the match. And it’s not just that the rules of the game are much more difficult than in football. But there are also some commonly used basic basketball terms that are very difficult to understand.

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The latest basic basketball terms 2023

The latest basic basketball terms 2023

Basketball is a sport founded by an American doctor in 1891. Therefore, there are many terms that will be used in English so that players on the field can quickly communicate with each other. And here are some of them:

Lay – up: go to the basket, also known as go in if the football side, signaling to score a point.

Turnover: here means losing control of the ball, having the ball stolen by the opponent.

One point game: refers to an evenly matched match, the winning team is only 1 point apart.

Steal: refers to the act of jumping high to steal the ball and put it into the basket.

Inbound: signals that the ball has crossed the boundary line and gone out of the field.

Jump Shot: is the act of throwing the ball straight into the basket.

Fade away: try to move your body back to push the ball into the basket.

Hook shot: is one of the classic scoring positions in basketball, which is using one hand to hit the ball into the basket.

Alley-oop: refers to a teammate receiving an aerial pass and finishing it in the basket to score points.

Air ball: is the act of throwing the ball out of the basket. For beginners, this often happens.

Dribble: is the action of a basketball player dribbling the ball on the court.

Dunk/Slam dunk: dunk.

Above are 12 basic basketball terms that you will hear if you watch or attend a real basketball match.

Interesting differences between football and basketball

If soccer is played with feet, then basketball is played and scored with hands. And below are the “cute” different characteristics of these two sports:

With soccer, you are not allowed to score with your hands but other parts are okay. Basketball only puts the ball into the basket with your hands (because the basket is too high).

  • In a basketball match, the away team will register first. Contrary to football, the home team is the team that is named first.
  • At the beginning of the match, in football it is a coin toss to decide. As for basketball, it means tossing the ball for two pairs to compete for.
  • With soccer, replacing players often cannot come back to play again. In basketball, there is no limit to the number of times you can enter or exit the court in the same match.
  • In case of an own goal, soccer will record the scorer’s name on the scoreboard. As for basketball, it will be the captain’s name and plus 1 point.
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Below is information about interesting differences so you can easily distinguish these two subjects.


Above is information about the rules of the game basic basketball terms that you should know. From the rules of the game to the competition and the surrounding stories also create a unique basketball-loving community. And with the times, basketball is increasingly loved not only in America. Hopefully with the above information, 30JILI readers will have more useful information for themselves.

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