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Among 30JILI‘s betting card game genres, Baccarat is known as a card game that is easy to play and attracts many participants. This type of casino is considered a game not to be missed by gamers. Let’s learn together to learn more about this fascinating game and learn how to play Baccarat and always win at 30JILI.

Learn Baccarat

Learn Baccarat
Learn Baccarat

Baccarat is a type of card game that uses a deck of 52 cards, the total number of buttons of the cards combined is calculated as the score of that game. This is known as a game genre that is popular with many people because of its attractiveness and ease of play. Just choose to bet on Banker, Player, or Tie.

Each player will bet on one of three desired boxes: win, lose, and draw. Each side will be dealt three cards, the total maximum score of the three cards is 9, and the side with 9 points or closest to 9 points will be the winner. How to play Baccarat is very simple and easy to understand, isn’t it?

Instructions on how to play Baccarat

Below are instructions for players to better understand how to play Baccarat. First is how to calculate points:

Ace card (A): counted as 1 point.
Card 10, J, Q, K: counted as 0 points.
Cards 2 to 9: calculated as a score equal to the number on the card.
Note that if the total score of the cards is 2 digits, only count the unit digit (the last number) and not the tens digit.

For example:

5+4=9 => 9 points
7+3=10 => 0 points
8+8=16 => 6 points

Instructions on how to play Baccarat
Instructions on how to play Baccarat

The way for players to know when they win, lose, or draw is: the winning bet is to reach a card number of 9 or close to 9 and the remaining bet has a lower score. This means that the winning door is the one with the higher number of buttons. In case two doors have the same number of buttons, it will be a tie. Because the way to play Baccarat is simple, Baccarat is always the top choice for those who want to earn more income and win big.

Percentage of rewards given to players

Percentage of rewards given to players
Percentage of rewards given to players

There are 3 results in a bet: win, lose, and draw. The payout rates for the results are as follows:

  • Banker (bookie): when you bet on this door. The bonus will be multiplied by 1:0.95 if you win.
  • Player: When you bet on this hand. The bonus will be multiplied by 1:1 if you win.
  • Tie: When you bet on this bet, you can only win when both bets have the same score (Banker and Player have equal scores). Along with that, the bonus can be multiplied by up to 8 or 9 bet amounts.
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How to Play Baccarat and Always Win

How to Play Baccarat and Always Win
How to Play Baccarat and Always Win

You should not bet on a tie

Although the draw has a very high reward rate, the winning rate is low and the risks you have to face are many.

The high payout rate of this door is seen as a delicious piece of cake, luring players to choose it. That’s why you should not choose Tie.

Do not double bet

One of the secrets and ways to play Baccarat that you always remember is not to double bet. This is one of the bloody experiences of previous players, because this way of playing Baccarat can only win in the short term, the possibility of your pocket being empty is very high. If you want to double your bet, you will need to have a large amount of capital to do so. This is considered a huge limitation that we should not apply the double betting strategy.

Priority is given to Banker doors

According to historical statistics, the winning rate of the Banker bet is always higher than the Player bet. Specifically, the winning rate for Bankers is always around 50%, while for Players it is only about 40%. Therefore, you should prioritize placing bets on the banker side to increase your winning rate.

Although you don’t always bet on Banker, you will always win. The player must have acumen in situations, and see what that bridge is like to decide whether to continue following or move to another bridge.


The above information is everything about how to play Baccarat. Once you understand how to play Baccarat and the secrets and tips to win, the player can completely master the game and control the situation, and from there you will be more confident. Your odds of winning will also be greatly increased. No longer have to play by feel or rely on luck anymore. You will become an excellent and brave player. What are you waiting for? Sign up to play Baccarat with 30JILI.

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