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The fish shooting game attracts the attention and betting participation of many bettors. With many attractive features and opportunities to receive great rewards, boss hunting is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam. To better understand this game, new players should follow the shares below from bookmaker 30jili.

Factors that create the attraction of fish shooting game

Factors that create the attraction of fish shooting game

Since its launch until now, the attraction of the fish shooting game has never diminished. According to player reviews, online fish shooting possesses many superior and attractive features including:

Boss hunting is not boring with a huge game library

The abundance of fish shooting games is one of the main reasons why this game has never stopped being hot. A series of new boss hunting versions are continuously released to help players not feel monotonous and boring each time they play. New players can choose to participate and experience the boss hunting games below:

  • Fish Shooting King version.
  • Version of Shooting fairy fish.
  • Green turtle fish shooting version.
  • Version of Lucky Fish Shooter.
  • Supermarket fish shooting version.

With a variety of choices and each game has different rules, it is the factor that helps online boss hunting conquer even the most demanding players.

Perfect security capabilities

Perfect security capabilities

During the process of participating in fish shooting games, bettors will be guaranteed safety at the highest level. High quality fish shooting versions are integrated with advanced multi-layer data encryption technology. Thanks to that, the personal information players provide when playing as well as deposit and withdrawal information in the game are kept absolutely confidential and prevent intrusion by hackers.

New and stimulating boss hunting feature

With fish shooting games, the game mode is also a factor that many people are interested in and learn about. Nowadays, boss hunting games don’t have just one type of shooting. Players can choose to play with many different modes to increase excitement and stimulation such as:

  • Single shot mode: Players use provided weapons and hunt down bosses to destroy.
  • Group shooting mode: Each group has at least 2 participants, each person will have the same amount of time to hunt bosses and compare the results at the end of the game to see who kills the most bosses.
  • Shooting mode to receive rewards: With this feature, bettors will receive surprise gifts after each game of fish shooting.
  • Obstacle mode: Each level will have its own challenges that require players to overcome to unlock higher levels.
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A series of new bosses have been updated

A series of new bosses have been updated

In each online fish shooting game, many new bosses will be set up, simulating the marine creatures under the ocean. Players will be able to admire and hunt thousands of different bosses such as primitive fish, blue dolphins, ancient sharks, golden dragons, mermaids…

Deposit money to bet on fish shooting game in just 30 seconds

To deposit a bet before participating in fish shooting, it only takes players less than 1 minute to complete the transaction process. Besides, the latest fish shooting versions now also allow bettors to deposit money through many different methods such as using ATMs, e-wallets, bank transfers, QR codes, phone scratch cards…

Draw fish shooting prizes quickly and easily

The process of withdrawing bonus money after winning the fish shooting game is also very quick. Accordingly, qualified bettors will take less than 5 minutes to verify and receive the bonus directly to their bank account or e-wallet.

Huge bonus rate for winners

Huge bonus rate for winners

Although designed for entertainment purposes, boss hunting games also have payouts that are no less than other online betting versions. The highest bonus a player receives after successfully hunting a boss in a level can reach 1:99. This has opened up opportunities to make money for many people who are passionate about online fish shooting.

  • Explode gifts when participating in boss hunting
  • During the process of participating in the fish shooting game, bettors also receive countless attractive gifts such as:
  • Highest fish shooting deposit bonus up to 100% of deposit value.
  • Reward new skills, new weapons, new bosses when taking daily roll in the game.
  • Bonus for winning consecutive boss hunts in 3 games in cash.
  • Offering a refund of up to 0.5% every day for those who lose when playing fish shooting.
  • Consultants enthusiastically support fish shooting

Online fish shooting games also have a team of staff to support players 24/7. Therefore, if new players do not yet understand how to play or need to handle problems that arise while participating in the game, they can find customer service at any time for information and help.

Collection of weapon models in the boss hunting game

Collection of weapon models in the boss hunting game

For the hottest fish shooting games today, weapons are an indispensable part to help increase stimulation and appeal during play. Understanding that, game publishers continuously improve and add many new types of weapons to help players feel more excited than ever during each boss hunt, specifically:

  • Boss hunting guns (pipe guns, ice guns, flamethrowers, AK guns, pistols…): Normally guns will be issued from the beginning of the game.
  • Players who want to upgrade their shooting ability will have to deposit money during the game.
  • Types of cannons and mines: Capable of exploding in a large range to help players quickly destroy whole schools of fish or defeat large bosses.
  • Poisonous drugs and radioactive substances: Used to make the boss lose health quickly or lose direction, slowing down to help players approach and shoot down more easily.
  • Instructions for downloading the boss hunting game for your phone
Collection of weapon models in the boss hunting game

In addition to playing fish shooting online on PC, bettors can also participate in boss hunting right on their phones. Both of the most popular operating systems today, iOS and Android, can install fish shooting games for free and have an extremely smooth experience. The process of downloading boss hunting games on both operating systems is quite similar, including the following steps:

  • Step 1: Manually access the App Store app store (for devices using the iOS operating system) or the CH Play app store (for devices using the Android operating system).
  • Step 2: Enter the name of the boss hunting game you want to play in the search box then press search.
  • Step 3: When the results appear on the screen, the player clicks on the game icon and then selects the download button. At this time, the installation process of the fish shooting game will be automatically completed by the device within a few minutes. After downloading is complete, the game icon will appear on the phone’s home screen. Bet players click on that icon to start shooting fish.
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Thus, the most interesting information about fish shooting games has been shared by 30jili in the article. This will definitely be the most unique betting entertainment game that bettors should not miss. To learn more effective boss hunting experiences, look forward to the next FISH SHOOTING articles!

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