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Asian handicap – also known as Asian handicap, is one of the most popular types of handicap in the Philippine market today. The original idea of ​​this type of bet is to eliminate tie bets to increase the payout ratio higher. So what is the reason that makes this handicap become an indispensable part in the Asian market? Let’s find out with 30JILI.

Asian Handicap is just another name for the most common type of bet today – handicap. This is the type of bet that bettors are most interested in. So what is the Asian Handicap that receives such favor from the professional betting community?

What is Asian Handicap?

What is Asian Handicap?

From the original idea of ​​the international 1×2 bet – the bet on choosing the home or away team to win or draw, this bet eliminates the draw bet type. Instead, there is a handicap ratio, thereby increasing the bonus payout ratio, making it easier for professional players to calculate and bet. That’s why the Asian market especially loves this type of bet.

Advantages when playing Asian handicap at 30JILI

In addition, when playing this bet at bookmaker 30JILI, players can also play on the most professional and modern odds board. All information is updated automatically from the house’s computer, with little subjective intervention from humans. From there, it brings a more fair and transparent playing field to players.

Not only stopping at the main bet, the handicap also develops into secondary bets such as corner kick bets, penalty card bets or extra time bets… Such diverse development has helped increase the total number of bets that can be bet on a match. up to hundreds of bets. From there, it opens up opportunities to make money for online bettors.

Popular Asian odds types at bookmaker 30JILI

Popular Asian odds types at bookmaker 30JILI

And to understand more about Asian odds, let’s take a look at 30JILI’s popular odds types for this market.

What is the ball handicap in Asian handicap?

The most sought-after bet type in many betting markets. It can be said that this is a 3-way handicap (according to the understanding and method of payment), this bet is a bet and the winning or losing team gets a refund. Because of the extremely simple payout method, this bet is often seen in major tournaments, between teams of equal talent. Not only that, but in top finals, this bet will also always be displayed on the house odds board.

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What is a half bet?

Another very common type of bet is often found in major tournaments such as: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc. When entering the knockout round, these types of bets will appear, helping players determine which one is the best. The team is in better form. But because of good past achievements, the other team’s chance of winning is not lost. It is this surprise that makes football attractive in all times.

What is a half-ball bet or a 0.5-ball bet?

Half-left bet, or half-handicap bet, is a type of bet commonly used when one team is considered stronger than the other team. And to win this bet, the strong team must be 1 goal apart. A fragile difference like this can easily lead to situations where the odds are reversed such as a draw or loss. This increases the drama when betting and watching the match.

Half one handicap – or 0.5/1 goal – 0.75 handicap?

Next in the handicap market is the 0.75 left bet, this is a common bet in matches where one team is in better form than the other. As well as the overwhelming victory assessment from the international community. With many different calling methods and names, this half-one bet helps players understand that the handicap team’s position is extremely large. Therefore, betting on the winning team 1×2 is extremely easy. However, when it comes to Asian odds, the determination will be more difficult, and the rewards will be more attractive.

Other types of Asian handicaps

Other types of Asian handicaps

There are also handicaps of 1 goal, 1.5 goals… which are the types of handicaps that also most often appear in the odds table. Besides the main bet based on the score of the two teams, players can also play other bets from penalty card bets, corner kick bets or extra time bets. Based on the handicap ratio, separate types of bets and reward rates are formed. This is what creates the uniqueness and unique market for Asian handicaps.


Above is information related to Asian odds from A to Z. One of the most popular and popular bet types in 2024. Coming to sports betting tips at 30JILI, you will update more information. Other interesting and useful information.

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