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Yellow Card Betting is a form that many people prefer to experience because it is easy to play and easy to win. Newbie doesn’t know what the common odds are in this type of betting? How to place money at online bookies? How to predict odds to optimize your chances of winning? Don’t worry, because the content below 30JILI will help answer everything for new recruits to understand better!

Understanding Yellow Card Betting

Understanding Yellow Card Betting

Yellow card betting is one of the forms that many bettors prioritize to experience in the king sport. This card is given by the referee to a player who violates the field rules for the purpose of warning. Two yellow cards are determined by one red card.

According to experts, yellow card betting is different from other odds because bettors will determine the number of yellow cards used by the referee in each match. In some situations, such as in the same match, if a player receives 2 yellow cards, he will be removed from the field.

Popular types of bets for Yellow Card Betting.

Golden card betting is considered attractive because it has an attractive deposit form and is easy to participate in for new members. Here, the three most prominent rates are handicap, over/under and time. You should understand carefully before starting to make optimal decisions for each match:

Bet on over/under

This type of over/under is no longer strange to bettors and you base your bets on the numbers given by the house in the following cases:

  • Predict the total number of referee cards drawn in the match to be determined for the whole match, even/odd decision.
  • Betting players determine whether the two teams playing in the first or last scoring period will score.
  • Betting methods are not based on the number of penalty cards and goals.

Handicap bet

Handicap bets are also regulated in the form of over and under, each prize playing field and match will have a different handicap, to create a correlation between the two participating teams. The way to determine the yellow card handicap will be based on the penalty card drawn by the referee within 90 minutes of play.

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Rookies should note that each yellow card is determined as 1 point, used to determine the final score of each match. This card is counted during the main match and does not count for the individual result of the odds Yellow Card Handicap.

Bet on time

Besides handicap and over/under bets, participants also have the opportunity to bet based on the time factor. The dealer does not require members to place bets within a certain period of time, but rather depends on the time the referee draws the card.

Instructions for placing money when playing yellow card betting at 30JILI

Instructions for placing money when playing yellow card betting at 30JILI

Newbies on their first day of introduction can refer to the betting instructions of publisher 30JILI for an effective and risk-free experience. Below is a process that has been optimized and is suitable for many audiences, including rookies:

  • Step 1: You access 30JILI at the official link and register a new account/log in to your current account with correct personal information.
  • Step 2: Players deposit money into 30JILI game wallet with their current budget.
  • Step 3: Bet players select the “Sports” category => Players want to experience => Choose their favorite football sport and match.
  • Step 4: Members choose the rate “(Golden Card Bet)” and place the amount of capital they want to invest => Wait for the end of the match to determine win/loss.

Tips for betting on yellow cards to ensure sure wins from experts

Tips for betting on yellow cards to ensure sure wins from experts

Newbies who do not know how to bet on yellow cards to maximize their winnings can refer to the tips of veteran players. Below are some experiences summarized by experts that you should apply to have the most appropriate direction, specifically:

  • Players need to learn to grasp information about the match they are about to participate in. Whether the nature of the match is important or not also affects the offense.
  • Understand more information about the main referee by watching many previous matches, understanding how to handle situations and when to draw cards.
  • Team information is also a necessary factor that everyone needs to grasp before placing money. Player personalities, competition tactics, etc. all affect receiving cards.
  • Players should choose a match with a high level of global influence to have attractive odds.
  • You should be cautious with Odds as soon as you enter the bet and should not choose high odds when you do not have much experience.


The above content has generalized about Golden Card Odds conquering bettors with diversity in betting odds. Rookies learn how to place money simply and experience expert betting. Don’t forget to click 30JILI to officially become an official player and test yourself against veteran experts!

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