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If you are passionate about sports, you definitely cannot ignore the classic sport of Tennis. Tennis is a subject that many people are interested in, both in how to play and the betting odds. Join phjoy online to learn about tennis and tennis betting.

Overview of Tennis betting

To answer the question of what tennis betting is, we need to clarify what Tennis is. Tennis is a popular sport around the world, attracting the attention of millions of fans and bettors. So what is Tennis betting? Let’s learn about Tennis with 30JILI right here!

What is Tennis betting?

Tennis betting or tennis betting is when you place a bet to predict the score and outcome of a tennis match held around the world. Reputable bookmakers offer many types of Tennis betting. Especially the bookmaker 30JILI with countless sports betting options and many tournaments that you can participate in.

Tennis betting rules you need to know

When the Tennis match ends, betting transactions take place, based on Tennis betting rules to evaluate whether the bet is valid or not.

Cancel Tennis match

If a Tennis match is canceled midway, Tennis bets will be canceled or changed according to the rules of that house.

Live betting rules

When betting on live the betting rules still apply as in pre-match betting, but are based on the actual situation of the match at the time of placing the bet.

Incomplete score

If a match does not finish according to tournament rules (e.g. a player retires or is disqualified due to injury), then bets will be settled based on the situation at the time of that event. For example, if a player forfeits in the second set, the player remaining in that set will be considered the winner.

Odds rules

You need to master the odds to be able to find matches with high odds to bring victory in Tennis betting.

Summary of popular tennis bets

There are many types of scoring in Tennis betting, including 3 main types that bettors often participate in:

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Bet on the winner after the match

The player bets on the winner of the match and receives the bet amount based on the odds

For example: You bet $1000 on the match of the century between Djokovic and Nadal, you bet Nadal to win with odds of 2.0 and if Nadal wins you will receive $2000.

Bet on the exact score after the match

The large amount of bet you spend will give you a very large winning amount because this type of bet has very high odds

For example, if you bet $5,000 on the exact match score of 6-2 with odds of 5.0, you will receive $25,000.

Bet on the total score of the round

You bet on the total number of points you think will be scored in a specific set. The number of points calculated in 1 set is as follows 15 – 30 – 40 (In addition, there are also Deuce – Advantage points)

How to bet on Tennis at 30JILI?

How to bet on Tennis at 30JILI?

Participating in at bookmaker 30JILI is extremely attractive. You need to access bookmaker 30JILI then create an account, deposit money, select the Tennis match you want to bet on, choose the bet type, bet amount and confirm the bet. Then wait to watch the match through reputable bookmaker 30JILI.

Instructions for pre-match Tennis betting

The minimum number of games is based on the number of games in the match. Each match will have 3 sets, each set has a minimum of 4 games, the minimum number of games is 12 games.

A five-set match with a tie-break in the final set is the most matches you can bet on.

Detailed in-match Tennis betting instructions

Live betting is a way for you to bet on events while the match is taking place. You participate in betting based on the actual situation of the match, helping to take advantage of the latest information to make accurate betting decisions.

1st point winner (15th game): “Bet on the first point winner” is a type of tennis bet often seen in matches. You bet on the player who will win the first point of a particular game.

  • Point winner (point 2 – 15th game): Bet on the 2nd point winner in that set (first 15th point or 30th point)
  • Love Point: Win 40-0
  • To 15: Win with a score of 40-15
  • Total set: Bet on the total number of sets

Experience in accurately betting on Tennis for bettors

Understand the Betting Rules: Understanding the tennis betting rules at the bookies you participate in helps you bet confidently and easily win money.

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Research the Athletes/Teams Carefully: Take the time to research the athletes or teams you bet on.

Manage Your Betting Budget: Do not bet all the money you have on one match. Determine a reasonable budget and stick to it to avoid unnecessary risks.

Analyze Match Information Accurately: Don’t bet based on emotions. Based on specific data, actual information and match analysis to make decisions.

Diversify Betting: Don’t focus too much on one favorite athlete or team, divide your bets to take advantage of opportunities from many different matches.

Choose a Reputable Bookmaker: Choose a reputable tennis bookmaker, avoid places with signs of fraud. Coming to 30JILI, you can freely bet without worrying about quality or security.


What is Tennis betting? Surely you have also answered this question after reading the article of 30JILI mentioned above. Wishing you accurate analysis to bring in lots of profits when betting on Tennis.

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