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In the Asian handicap market, there is a popular bet of 1 75 handicap. Introduced in this article, 30JILI will help players better conceptualize the 1 75 bet as well as see how to read odds correctly when participating online betting on football under This is one of many popular markets today!

What is a 1 75 handicap?

What is a 1 75 handicap?

The 1 75 handicap, also known as the one and a half goal handicap or 1 3/4 handicap, is one of the Asian Handicap football odds that bettors often encounter when participating in sport betting. Depending on each different bookmaker, there will be different ways to display this type of bet such as: 1.75 or 1 3/4. This is a type of football bet based on the goal difference between the two teams in a match.

The 1 75 bet is a rather difficult football bet and has many risks if you do not have experience. When playing 1 3/4 handicap, you need to consider the odds of the bookmakers to know the difference between the two teams and the probability of the possible outcomes. In addition, you need to follow the latest news and information about the situation of the teams before placing a bet. This is a popular type of bet in football betting and many players often use the 1.75 bet to increase their chances of winning.

How to read 1 75 handicap effectively

Handicap 1.75 is a type of handicap in football betting. To calculate the odds of 1.75, we need to understand the following basic parameters:

  • Upper door (accept): the team that is considered to have a higher advantage, usually the stronger team.
  • Lower door (receive): the weaker team, receives additional value before the match starts

The 1 75 bet is divided into two parts: 1 5 and 2 odds. This means that the upper hand team will start the match with one and a half goals (or 0.75 goals) ahead of the opponent. lower door, or simply understand that the upper door team accepts the lower door team with a half and a half left; The result of the 1.75 bet is decided based on the score after the end of the match and the initial handicap value.

  • If the top team wins by 3 goals or more, the player who chooses the top team wins the bet and wins all the money. The player who chooses the bottom team loses all the bets.
  • If the upper door team wins the lower door team with a difference of 2 goals, the bet result on the upper door wins and wins half of the bet amount, the lower door team will lose half of the bet amount.
  • If the lower door team wins, draws or loses by 1 goal, whoever chooses the upper door will lose the entire bet. If you choose the bottom door, you will win the full bet amount.

Note, along with the 1 75 handicap, there can also be a 0.25 continuation to increase the balance.

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Specific example of how to read the 1.5-2 handicap

Specific example of how to read the 1.5-2 handicap

In the match between Inter Milan and Sassuolo, in which Inter Milan is rated higher and accepts Sassuolo 1.75 to eat -0.862 and Milan is accepted to eat 0.730. If the player chooses the bet for this match as 100$, the following cases will happen:

  • If Inter Milan wins by 3 goals or more, betting on Inter Milan will win the bet and collect a total of 100 + 100 = 200$ and betting on Sassuolo will lose and lose the entire bet of 100$.
  • If Inter Milan wins by 2 goals, betting on Inter Milan will win half the bet and collect 100 + 50 = 150$ and betting on Sassuolo will lose half the bet with the amount of 50$
  • If Inter Milan wins 1 goal, loses or draws with Sassuolo, betting on Sassuolo will win the bet with the winning amount of 100 + (100×0.73) = 173$ and betting on Inter Milan will lose half the bet is (100x-0.862) = 86.2$

Advantages and disadvantages when playing the left and a half handicap 2 left

Handicap 1.75 is a form of handicap in football betting, and it has its own benefits and risks. Here are the details:


  1. Fair odds: The 1 75 bet divides the top and bottom teams into two equal parts, creating a balance between the two teams with different strengths, creating fairness when participating in betting.
  2. Get a higher chance to win: Odds at 1-3/4, if the best team wins by exactly three goals (lose half of your stake) or more above it all you will complete and secure another prize. This will elevate your probability of winning above the 2 left handicap that means draw.
  3. Protect part of your capital: You only lose half of your bet if the top team wins by 2 goals when betting on the underdog, this will help protect part of your investment.


  1. Lower odds: Due to the benefits of the 1 75 bet, the odds are often lower than other handicaps. This can reduce your profit potential.
  2. The 1 75 bet rarely appears because it requires 2 teams with a large difference in level as well as performance.
  3. The 1 3/4 handicap often has fluctuations in odds at bookmakers. This shows that this odds ratio is not certain and very easy to lose.

In short, when catching the 1 75 handicap, there will be certain advantages and disadvantages. Although the 1 75 bet has many risks because the handicap is quite deep. But if you have enough information, knowledge & experience, you will have a chance to win the maximum amount of money.

Experience playing 1 3/4 handicap

Experience playing 1 3/4 handicap

The 1 3/4 handicap is a rather difficult type of football bet to predict and also has many risks. Therefore, when you play the 1 3/4 handicap, you need to pay attention to the following points to be able to increase your chances of winning and minimize losses.

Understand match information

If you have a 1 75 handicap, maybe choose games where there is an obvious disparity in quality and form between both sides. This section will often include matches with more than 2 goals difference likely to win. Shoot for games with a big reduction gap or tons of uncontrolled variables (weather, grass – anything the stats cannot determine). So while that is pretty close they are not intended to be the exact number of draws/goal margins less than 2, so ixnay on them. win.

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Bet teams in which the style of play is more attacking and scoring. You can speed up play and generally have a lot of options for scoring against your opponent in those games. Teams with a defensive style and few goals scored should be avoided. These teams can protect the score and not take risks.

Choose to bet on the 1 75 bet on the team that has stability and consistency in the matches. These teams will have stable form and will not be psychologically volatile. You should avoid teams that are erratic and unpredictable. These teams will have unstable form and are easily affected by external factors.

Should choose teams with high motivation to compete and win. These teams will have a high fighting spirit and are not easy to give up. You should avoid teams that have completed their goals or have no goals to play. These teams will have a lack of determination and easily give up.

Learn from the experience of those who went before

You can join betting groups and forums to exchange and learn more practical football betting experience from experienced people. Consulting opinions is also one of the factors that help you make better decisions.

Choose a reasonable bet

  • You should choose bets with reasonable odds and suitable for your budget.
  • You should compare the odds of different bookmakers to find the most valuable bet for you.
  • You should avoid bets with too high or too low odds for no apparent reason.

These bets will be riskier and will not bring you profit.

The 1 3/4 handicap is a rather difficult type of bet and has many risks, so it is not suitable for some new players who are still inexperienced. If you find it too difficult to play this bet, you can choose easier and less risky bets, such as total goals, full match or Over Under.

In case the player feels that the bet has a high chance of losing, you can cut the bet to preserve the remaining bet amount. However, you should find out what is a bet and how to cut the bet effectively before applying it in practice.

Should bet when the odds are stable

You should not rush to bet early but wait until the match takes place in the first 15 minutes, if you see that the game is completely inclined to the upper door and the house does not change the handicap, then bet on the upper door. If you see the bottom door has a good defense and the top door’s attack is not really strong, consider betting on the bottom door.

Should bet on reputable tournaments

One of the other important experiences is that you should choose to bet on reputable football tournaments. In this tournament, there will be strong teams and weak teams competing in the same group or playing in rounds.

Some reputable tournaments often have 1 75 bet when betting that you can choose such as World Cup, English Premier League, League One, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Euro, or Asia Cup. These tournaments bring bettors peace of mind about not being rigged before the results

Thus, the above article has shared information about the 1 75 bet and experience in playing the handicap effectively. To predict the correct result and win the bet, you need to apply tactics as well as skills to analyze information related to the match and make the best choice for yourself. Hopefully, this article will help you approach effectively when participating in betting at football betting sites and earn as much profit as possible.

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