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The online jackpot game is a fun version of betting entertainment and attracts the attention of many bettors. Besides interesting gameplay, this game also gives players unlimited bonuses. New players should follow 30jili’s shares to better understand this online betting game.

History of the formation of the slot game

History of the formation of the slot game

Although the jackpot game is not a newly launched betting game, its attraction has never cooled down. This game is also known by many different names such as spin, spin or slot game and was first released in 1891.

In its first appearance, slot games were designed in the form of game machines placed in casinos. Players participating in the lottery will place a bet, then press spin and wait for the results. If the result displays a row of identical symbols, it means the bettor has won and received a bonus.

Based on those traditional game rules, an online version of slot machine was born with similar gameplay. Besides, today’s jackpot games are also integrated with many new features combined with eye-catching interfaces that will take bettors from one surprise to another.

Top 5 most popular slot games in 2023

Top 5 most popular slot games in 2023

Currently in Vietnam there are many different versions of jackpot for players to refer to and choose from. Typical examples include the following classic slot games:

Classic slot version – Classic slot

Classic slot or Classic slot is the form of online betting game with the longest “life”. Classic slot games are often designed as tables with one straight row and three vertical reels. As long as the player spins so that there is at least one vertical row, one horizontal row or one oblique row containing the same image, symbol or symbol, it will be counted as winning the bet and winning the prize.

3D slot version – 3D slot

With the strong development of technology recently, 3D jackpot games have appeared and have been enthusiastically received by many bettors. Using the most advanced 3D graphics technology helps this jackpot version have realistic movements like playing at a casino. On the other hand, the quality sound system in 3D lottery also helps bettors feel more excited and excited in each turn.

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Mobile slot version on the phone – Mobile slot

Another choice for bettors who are passionate about slot games is Mobile slots. This is a modern version of the slot game, allowing bettors to experience it right on their mobile phones. Both the most popular operating system versions in Vietnam, iOS and Android, can download Mobile slots. Players just need to download the lottery to their phone (100% free) to participate in the lottery anytime, anywhere, even when the device does not have an Internet connection.

Not only that, this slot game is also highly appreciated thanks to its richness in features. Based on the compact HTML5 platform, bettors can participate in the jackpot game in many different modes such as:

  • Regular pot spin feature: One spin corresponds to one press.
  • Automatic pot spin feature: One press corresponds to many spins.
  • Gift spin feature: Each spin will have a gift sent to the player.
  • Free spin feature: For bettors to try it out without placing a bet before spinning.

Video slot version – Video slot

When participating in the online jackpot game, bettors also have the opportunity to experience Video slots. Possessing a vivid interface and heavily invested graphics system, Video slots continuously reach the top of popularity on many game portals, attracting thousands of bets and spins every day.

The image quality in this slot version is always guaranteed to be of the best quality with Full HD resolution. The transmission signal in Video slots is also considered to be smooth, without lag, loss of image, or loss of sound, causing discomfort for bettors each time they spin. On the other hand, the bonus rate in Video slots is also very rewarding, up to 10 times the bet amount if you spin successfully.

Discover the hottest promotions when participating in the lottery

Discover the hottest promotions when participating in the lottery

In addition to generous bonuses, when betting on slot games, players also have the opportunity to receive unexpected incentives. According to the latest statistics, the following gifts are given to players participating in slot games with a total value of billions of dong, including:

Bonus for loading the game for the first time

The first time you participate in the jackpot versions, bettors will be given an amount corresponding to 100% of the deposit amount. Therefore, the more you deposit the first time you play, the more likely you are to receive huge jackpot bonuses. Promotional money from this event will be added directly to the bettor’s account and used in the next lottery draw.

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Bonus for depositing and exploding the jar for the second time

When depositing money a second time into some online slot games, players will still have the opportunity to receive additional bonuses. The bonus amount that the game publisher or bookmaker gives to bettors during this deposit ranges from 20% to 50% of the deposit value.

The first deposit bonus and the second deposit bonus will also be added directly to the player’s account and used in subsequent bets.

Bonus for winning consecutive slot game bets

During the process of participating in live lottery drawing, the best bettors who win consecutively (at least 3 times or more) will also have the opportunity to receive rewards. Normally, the form of incentive when winning consecutive bets will be cash. The more spins you win, the bonus amount will also be multiplied many times.

Bonus roll call every day

Another online slot game promotion that is also loved by many players is the attendance gift. Players who regularly access slot game versions and spin the pot every day will have the opportunity to receive many special gifts. From monetary rewards to gift codes or free spins, everything is set up to give to new players.

Support refund when losing bets to explode the pot

Not only will players who win bets receive rewards from slot games, but when they lose bets, they will still enjoy incentives. Accordingly, unlucky bettors who lose bets on the jackpot game will receive a refund of up to 1% of the deposit value.

The rebate program takes place every day during the games. Thanks to that, new players will not need to worry about the risk of going home empty-handed when losing consecutive bets. Players will get a refund to get back what they lost before.


This article has compiled and sent to players the most unique news about slot games. Hopefully the above sharing has helped new players choose the most suitable slot game to participate in and receive attractive prizes. There are many high-quality slot games waiting for bettors to discover in 30jili’s next EXPLOSIVE articles!

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