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The Eredivisie League is famous for its attractive, attacking style of football. By now, you probably already know which country this league belongs to, don’t you? The Orange Cyclone is known for their all-out attacking style, which is reflected in the national championship of the Eredivisie League. For more details about the tournament, join Jilievo in the article below.

Introducing the Eredivisie League

Introducing the Eredivisie League

The Netherlands became one of the football powers of the last century with its total attacking football style. The Eredivisie League, this country’s national championship, has been making great strides recently.

The Dutch national championship was established in 1956, two years after football in the United Kingdom began to become professional. The Eredivisie League is the highest professional football division in the Netherlands, and it has world-famous names such as Ajax Amsterdam or PSV.

Structure and timing

The world of football today is interconnected. Tournaments must be held together to allow the national team to focus. The Dutch national championship is no exception when it comes to complying with these regulations. Therefore, the Eredivisie League has an organization time similar to other European tournaments.

The Eredivisie started in August of the previous year and will last until May of the following year. The organizational structure is still 18 teams registered to compete through a round-robin with 2 away and home rounds. The winning team gets 3 points, the draw gets 1 point, and the losing team gets 0 points to find the champion team with the highest score, and then the relegated teams.

Why is the Eredivisie League of interest?

The Eredivisie currently has 18 clubs competing, including names that have won the European Cup, like Ajax. The Netherlands is also famous for its all-out attacking football, so this country’s clubs are also affected quite a lot. When watching the tournament, fans will see countless goals appear. That is the reason why this tournament is interesting and known.

Which club has won the most Eredivisie League titles?

According to updated statistics on the history of this long-standing tournament, 28 teams have ever won the Eredivisie crown. Of these, 14 have been crowned kings only once. But the team that has won the Dutch national championship the most is Ajax Amsterdam.

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Ajax is a familiar representative of tulip football in the European arena, the UEFA Champions League. The Dutch capital club has been crowned king 35 times and has won the C1 Cup twice. It is also considered the most famous team that can compete with the Dutch giants in Europe.

How many tickets are there to attend the C1 Cup?

As you know, the UEFA Champions League will divide the number of tickets based on the achievements of domestic tournaments. The Eredivisie League is not in the top 5 European leagues, so it has fewer tickets than tournaments like England, Spain, and Germany…

The Eredivisie League is less attractive and attracts less audiences than other European countries. Therefore, there is only 1 central spot, and the remaining 2 compete in the Playoff and qualifying rounds to get tickets to the annual European Cup C1 finals.

According to statistics, although the number of times Ajax has participated in the UEFA Champions League is not many, Ajax has won the championship, and PSV Eindhoven is also regularly present in this tournament. The exciting thing is that PSV Eindhoven has participated in the C1 Cup more times than Ajax Amsterdam, even though they have not won a championship yet.

Thanks to the sharing, you better understand the Eredivisie League. The Dutch National Championship is among the most attractive football tournaments in Europe and worldwide today.

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