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Playing Poker is easy, but how to play Poker online to make money is a completely different story. However, there are ways to make money from online Poker. The article below will share with you the most effective ways to make money when playing Poker online.

Is it difficult to make money playing Poker online?

Is it difficult to make money playing Poker online?

Poker has always been the top card game chosen by gamers. Compared to other card games, Poker is much more attractive. If you only rely on luck and play based on intuition, it will be very difficult for you to win, and you may even lose everything if you play that way.

Poker is a subject that requires accurate calculation, logical thinking, along with skills and extensive experience. Based on that, players can win many times when participating in the game.

So you can understand, how to play Poker is easy, but winning a game is not easy at all.

So is it difficult to make money playing Poker online? If it’s difficult, it will be very difficult, but if it’s easy, it’s very easy. It’s difficult because this is a fierce competition between players, it directly affects the interests and finances of each person. Therefore, all players are usually very careful and well-prepared before participating.

Saying that online Poker makes money easy is because if you are a sensitive person, play regularly, have clear strategies, and accumulate skills and experience, winning games is within reach.

Effective ways to make money playing Poker for you

Effective ways to make money playing Poker for you

To be able to increase your chances of winning as well as making money effectively from online Poker games at reputable casinos, we will guide you on the most effective ways to make money playing Poker online.

Predict the opponent’s cards

The second way to make money playing Poker is to learn how to guess your opponent’s cards. Guessing cards here does not mean guessing their exact 2 hole cards. Poker has over 1300 ways to combine cards, and you can’t sit there and guess every case.

What you need to do is rely on your opponent’s actions to eliminate cases of cards that are unlikely to appear. From there, make predictions and narrow down the cases of cards that the opponent has. Based on that, you will know what to do to gain an advantage.

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Build effective playing strategies

Building effective Poker strategies is essential if you want to make money playing Poker online.

All to learn how to play poker playing methods over a long period of time help you know how to make money from this game. But it only really works if you apply the tactics correctly at the table.

Apply all your knowledge and experience in a disciplined manner at all times of the game. Never play recklessly or based on emotions as it will affect the entire game.

Know when to fold

When encountering strong hands, of course, you should follow, but if you encounter weak hands, you should fold. Here are the cases of cards that you should fold, not risk following:

  • Extremely weak (3-8), (2-7)
  • Weak pairs (3-7), (2-6)
  • Difficult to win hands (2-10)
  • Only consider following if they are of the same suit, otherwise, you should fold with the following pairs: (2-4), (3-5), (3-6), (4-6), (4-7), (5-7)

Follow through when encountering good pairs

If you are lucky enough to make money playing Poker and own one of the pairs AA, KK, QQ, JJ, you should follow through because this is a rare fortune in Poker.

How to play Poker online to make money often applied by many experts

How to play Poker online to make money often applied by many experts

Choose a table with many Fish

When playing Poker online to make money, the first thing is to choose a Poker table. This is an extremely important step because it affects the entire game later.

Choose a table with as many Fish as possible, choosing the right table is an extremely smart tactic that experienced players often use. A table with more Fish players will help your winning rate be higher. Because they are new players, lacking experience and cunning in the way they play.

You should not choose tables with many experts because the winning rate will be reduced even though you will gain more experience. You should remember that the purpose of playing Poker online is to make money, not to gain experience.

If you can’t find any tables with Fish, then you are the Fish, and chances are you are the prey for other players to tear apart. When you fall into that situation, it’s best to leave the table and find another one.

Don’t overuse bluffing

Many people when they first know how to play Poker to make money often overuse bluffing to bet recklessly, and this is a double-edged sword that can help you win, but it will also defeat you when you encounter experts and reckless players.

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Although it can make you feel excited when you win big, it cannot always be applied. You should be cautious in each game, especially when using bluffing.

Master your emotions

Emotions are what make many people disillusioned when first time know how to play Poker. Because this is a game that requires reason, not emotion. You need to keep yourself calm at all times. Avoid letting emotions overwhelm you and lead to reckless bluffing, especially showing emotions on your face, making it easy for opponents to recognize your cards.

Moreover, if you keep following your emotions, it means you are breaking the strategy you set out in the beginning. Therefore, the winning rate of the game will decrease, and you won’t be able to make a profit.


Above are the most effective ways and tips and how play Poker online to make money that 30JILI wants to share with you. Hopefully, the article will help you gain more knowledge and win in all Poker arenas.

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