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Fortune Fish Shooting is one of the games that receives the attention of the betting community today. Possessing the top advantages of an online reward product, it is understandable that the game attracts a large number of players. If you are planning to register to participate in this playground, you will definitely need the useful knowledge below from 30jili.

Learn how to shoot fish for fortune

Learn how to shoot fish for fortune

Fish Shooting Fortune is a game adapted from real-life entertainment fish hunting machines with similar rules and regulations. The birth of the game genre received great attention from the betting gaming community and was highly appreciated by experts. From interface design, images, sound to service quality, everything helps you have an attractive experience.

The product brings together many factors such as a variety of creatures, many attractive features combined with different levels of play. This helps you have more interesting emotions when participating in fish hunting. So how to conquer the maps in this game, please refer to the next content to get the answer.

Formula to win in the fish shooting game

Formula to win in the fish shooting game

In addition to the basic factors given, to ensure the winning factor, everyone should find for themselves effective secrets. Applying the strategies we outline below, the results you will definitely achieve will be beyond your imagination. Therefore, if you want to deposit money to play, you first need to understand these strategies:

Understand the game

Before becoming a professional hunter, you should prepare yourself with solid equipment. Read all the rules of the game and master them to know what you have to do when participating in the playground. In addition, information about levels, types of guns and features that can be used in the game are also important issues.

Understanding the game will help you devise a more optimal strategy for playing lucky fish. Especially avoid basic mistakes that new gamers often make. From there, your experience when participating will be much more enjoyable, especially when you win.

Use new fish shooting tactics that appear

According to many experts in the profession, new fish joining will have weaker armor than the rest. Therefore, choosing these targets to shoot at is completely reasonable and more effective. The player’s task is very simple, just wait and observe at the edge of the table, select the one that appears to shoot.

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The skills you need to apply are aiming accurately and firing bullets gradually, so the amount of damage you create will be optimal. People should apply this method when there are not too many targets on the table to ensure the bullets reach the right target.

Use marble shooting formula

Use marble shooting formula

The next Tai Loc fish shooting tip is similar to other fish hunting games. Players can apply the strategy of shooting bullets with bullets to hunt fish. The principle of this hunting secret is: Choose a target at the edge of the table and have a slow swimming speed. Then aim the first series of bullets into the table branch and bounce back to hit the target, then aim at the target to release the second series of bullets.

Note that the time of the 2 series must be as fast as possible to ensure the total damage caused at the same time is effective. If you have good shooting skills, you can win and continuously receive rewards from shooting fish. Practice a lot to maximize your aiming skills.

Use the correct gun

As you know, shooting fortune fish has many different targets with all sizes and strengths. The larger the objects, the lower the knockdown ability and the higher the gun’s power requirement. When participating in betting, players need to use a gun suitable for the target they choose.

Small fish use small guns, big fish use bigger and more powerful guns, in addition, your shooting skills also need to be scientific. For example, with large schools of fish, people should shoot continuously. Meanwhile, with single fish, people need to aim at the head and shoot accurately.

Big fish shooting strategy

Big fish shooting strategy

For members who do not have a large amount of capital, choosing big fish is not advisable. However, when you have enough firepower, do the following to receive a huge reward: Choose the most powerful gun, aim accurately and shoot bullets in increasing numbers so the effectiveness of boss hunting will be better.


Thus, we have shared extremely detailed information about shooting fish for fortune in the above content. This useful information will help new players gain more knowledge to participate in this game more confidently. Visit now to receive the great entertainment opportunity that this online reward game brings.

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